Forensic Audit

Frauds have become a part of everyday life in Sri Lanka. We believe that it our responsibility to help fellow business man to face such challenges successfully and emerge stronger.

Corporate fraud are challenging to prevent and to catch. Frauds tend to go beyond the scope of an employee’s stated position and can have a economic impact on the business, other employees, goodwill and outside stakeholders. However, swift responses by management to implement controls and potentially take legal action against perpetrators can reduce negative impacts to an organization. Forensic audits facilitates you to swiftly response to a fraud.

Our forensic services are focused towards achieving your objectives and maintaining confidentiality. We provide following services to our clients;
  • Confidentially conduct audits to identify frauds and perpetrators
  • Investigating frauds identified by you. We try to determine the time period in which fraud occurred, identify the perpetrators and independently evaluate losses arising from fraudulent transactions.
  • Gather necessary evidence to take legal actions. If required we have legal consultant to help you with legal proceedings.
  • Gather necessary evidence to terminate employment of perpetrators. We have human resource consultants who can help you with it.
  • Implement controls and procedures to mitigate future frauds.